Pest Diagnosis

Do you have doubts about the composition of the old roof plates that cover your shed? It may be asbestos! This material also known as asbestos has been massively used in the building since the beginning of the 20th century. Lightweight, easy to use, fire resistant it took decades before one realized its extreme dangerousness.

Forbidden to use since 1997, there is still a lot of real estates containing it. For these older buildings, we can intervene to make a DTA (Asbestos Technical File) to ensure the absence of asbestos; or otherwise contacting qualified companies to remove this harmful material.

Other risks are hidden inside old buildings, including their paintings. Highly used for its durability, a lead was once the material of choice for all paints, and as for asbestos, it took a very long time to realize its extreme toxicity and to act. Yet officially banned since 1949, lead paints were still used until the 1990s especially in rust paints. For all buildings built before 1948, we advise you to contact us in order to realize a risk of exposure to lead ( CREP), valid for one year. But as stated, a younger building might not be totally out of danger; it is, therefore, better to make sure of the history of the different layers of paintings that have been laid down as the years go by.

Finally, to avoid any potential risk we can also take care of establishing a diagnosis of your electrical installation and gas, valid for 3 years.

When selling your property you must build a Technical Diagnosis File ( DDT ). In addition to the diagnostics mentioned above, one of the most interesting for the buyer is the Energy Performance Certificate ( EPD ). Intended to estimate the quantity of greenhouse gases released by a dwelling it indicates mainly the number of energy expenses to envisage for the new owner. Certified Veritas we are authorized to carry out this diagnostic valid for 10 years (except obviously in the case where energy renovations are carried out within this time). We can also measure the actual area of your property according to the Carrez law. Do you want more information? Contact us!