Pest Control

Whether it is your professional or private property, you take every precaution to live in a clean and perfectly hygienic environment. And yet, you are not immune to an infestation of pests! It must be known that, contrary to popular belief, rodents and insects are not attracted by dirt; even in clean and modern spaces, rats, mice or cockroaches may decide to take up residence, whether in the countryside or in the city. Specialist in 3D sanitation ( rat control, disinfection, disinfection), 3D MDM helps you in the region of Mont-de-Marsan.

The two types of rodents posing the most problems are rats (black or sewer) and mice. They breed very quickly and live in colonies, and they tend to seep into food stores, gnawing pipes and other cables, or nesting in roof insulation. In short, a plague that often only becomes visible when the infestation is already important. But they are not alone: in more rural areas, lice or field mice also cause significant damage. Know that if you notice the presence of pests in your property, you are required by law to remedy this, whether you are a professional or not (circular of August 9, 1978, article 125.1 and 130.5). In the case of food establishments, the Ministerial Decree of 9/05/95, Article 17, even imposes a specific plan of rat extermination. In any case, by using 3D MDM, you can rely on the services of professionals who, after having established an accurate diagnosis, will be able to act effectively in order to not only quickly eliminate your pests but also to prevent future infestations.

Cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, wasps, hornets … A simple list of names that causes a lot of people to feel sick. Unfortunately, their presence remains inevitable; but as a natural disaster, we hope it does not fall on us.

There are three main categories of pests: crawling, flying and xylophagous. The first category brings together the best-known insects in the field of pest control and represents the specialty of 3D MDM: cockroaches/cockroaches, ants, bed bugs and even silverfish. Ruffles are mostly represented by wasps and hornets; when xylophages these insects have them as “stars” termites. In all cases, 3D MDM puts its experience at your service to eliminate your problem and allow you to enjoy your property in peace. We only use approved products, selected according to their efficiency and low toxicity. Our gel products protect people and the environment and act quickly. We will not have to mobilize your premises more than 3 hours for the treatment to be effective. Licensed Biocide, we are perfectly qualified for the use of these delicate products.