Deodorization Services

How to remove the smell of cat urine?

Chemical disinfection and deodorization remove the smell of cat urine impregnated in floors, tiles, walls, concrete, wood, and carpets. We are regularly called in old cat farms. The smell of urine and cat feces is so pronounced that homeowners can no longer sell or rent their homes. It is then necessary to carry out a vast operation of chemical destruction of odor, with products reserved for professionals, and then perfumed the places agreeably.

How to remove the smell of dog urine and canine excrement?

On the internet, you will find several sensible processes that eliminate dog urine odors.These will work if the impregnation is limited in square meters and quantity. On the other hand, in houses where several dogs have been bred for years, even cleaning the premises several times, it is not possible to remove these disturbing odors. This is also the case when you want to transform old kennels into habitable rooms. The solution will be to use our professional disinfection service, to neutralize these nauseating odors, and pleasantly scent the home.

How to remove kitchen odors?

When you want to turn an old restaurant into a living room, kitchen smells can be persistent and unpleasant as both grease and other cooking products have permeated the walls and floors. Using Clean Vermin will be the solution to effective deodorization and professional disinfection.