About Us

Founded in 1997 OCP Exterminators is an international company specialized in the fight against pests. We have been working since our founding to develop and implement the most effective and innovative solutions on the market for the control and elimination of unwanted insects and animals.

We work with professionals and individuals, either to respond to a punctual nuisance problem or as part of an annual service contract to control any risk of infestation.

Present for over 20 years, OCP Exterminators has established itself in the sector of rat control, disinfection and disinfection to become one of the most reputable companies in these areas.

Our collaborators

Our employees proudly represent our company and are the heart of our business.

Our technicians, our biologists, our trainers, our quality managers, our customer advisers and our managers, are experts in the fight against pests.

Our technical staff is highly qualified and experienced! We provide regular training on the best technologies and processes while providing a large team of internal support. Our customer service listens to your needs and is ready to help you solve all your nuisance problems!

With more than 300  experts spread among our 13 local agencies, we are able to quickly respond to all your nuisance problems.

We protect businesses, families and their homes from the risks associated with the presence of pests.

We develop innovative and intelligent methods to identify, repel and eliminate pests. In all our operations, the environment is our priority: we develop and use pest management solutions that have the lowest impact on the environment.

We scrupulously follow all existing laws and regulations on health and safety. Our policies and procedures are aimed at continuously improving the health and safety of our employees and customers.