4 Facts About Rodents


  • As they often live and move in garbage, sewers and other unhygienic spaces, rodents can spread bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli and diseases such as dysentery.


  • If you can put a pencil in a hole, know that a mouse can also slip into this opening 1/4 “(0.635 cm) in diameter!


  • Have you ever wondered why rodents are gnawing?¬†This is because their incisors grow constantly, so they must chew and gnaw what they find to prevent their teeth from growing in their skulls.


  • In 6 months, two mice can eat 4 pounds (1.80 kg) of food alone and contaminate 10 times that amount with urine and excrement.¬†They also contaminate packaging and food contact surfaces with the 18,000 droppings they produce in six months.